Where are you located in the Lincoln Warehouse?

We are on the 1st floor. Go up the big metal ramp just next to door 6. Once inside, turn right and we are the last door on the left.

I would like to call Bust-N-Stuff, but where is the number?

The Head Buster is either driving around picking up Bustables, scraping bottles (12,000 so far!), washing coveralls or at the Bustaporeum. The best way to contact is through this site, via email or through Instagram messenger. I am a one person business but I promise to respond promptly as well as give you the best experience possible. Check out our reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and Instagram.

Where can I view pricing?

Visit our pricing page

What is your refund policy?
If you cancel outside of 24 hours, I will give a %100 refund (excluding groups 10 and over, that’s outside of 48 hours), if inside 24 hours a $10 charged will happen. If it is the same day, no refund. As I am a one person business and 90% of my business is on the weekend that causes havoc. It is harder to fill sessions and people might have looked for that time earlier and saw that it was booked. There are no refunds on gift certificates.

Can there be more than 1 Buster in a room at a time?

No. We have seen bats break in half, golf club heads snap off and embed themselves in the wall (don’t worry – they are still there!), and other bits and piece fly about. Luckily, there are huge shatter proof windows that you can safely stand behind and watch/video the shenanigans of your friends. Trust us, that’s half the fun!

What do you get for your session?

Each Buster gets an 18-qt. bucket full of glass/ceramic items (between 13-15 items, depending), as well as metal file cabinets to bust.

What sizes do you have for Busters?

We have coverall sizes ranging from petite to 8X. We have all shapes and sizes come through the Bustaporeum, and that is how it should be.

Can I bring my kids who are under 18?

Yes! Ages 15 -17 are accepted with a guardian signature and supervision required. All Busters must be at least 15 in order to participate and will have to sign a waiver stating so. There are no exceptions to this due to insurance liabilities. 

Are Busters with disabilities able to participate?

Yes! Email us at bustnstuff@gmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate. We have had Busters in wheel chairs, Busters with MS and Busters with sight and/or hearing loss. All are welcome at the Bustaporeum. 

Are we able to bring in busts, pictures, of people/animals in effigy?

No. The Bustaporeum overall wants to give out good energy to those that come here. Use your imagination. The only exception is when Bust-N-Stuff has corporate events where the boss is present and okay’s pictures of them on the walls, and that pretty much is the only way that can happen.

Do you accept donation and/or compensate for items?

Visit our donations page

Are we able to donate/bring in tube televisions or any type of electronics?

No, the Bustaporeum is Fully Recyclable, as we only utilize glass/ceramics and metal. The main reason is that there can be toxic elements (cadmium and lead powder, for example) in those items, and I do not want to have health problems, and I definitely don’t want any of you to either. Please watch out for places that do that – It might be fun, but more than likely not healthy for anyone involved.